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To be a world leader in developing truthful measurement and useful results, to support development of efficient, ethical, and effective practices, sustained economically, to advance human development.

Energy Evaluation & Verification Studies

Find out how well you are cost-effectively saving electricity, natural gas and water with energy evaluation studies from H. Gil Peach and Associates. We will help you determine the effectiveness and efficiency of your programs and provide recommendations for improvement.

Saving Your Energy

Start saving energy with H. Gil Peach and Associates energy evaluation. Whether you are commercial or residential, we ensure your program is running efficiently and saving you money. Many programs save energy, but someone may be providing you a negative service.

An Outside Look

Going in as an independent evaluator, we evaluate all parts of the program to find out what is and isn't working. We also provide verification and advisory services to commissions to improve both programs and evaluations. Essentially, this process boils down to evaluation and verification

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